GreenTransitions Botanical Resources

Organizations, Associations, Cooperatives & other Resources:
United Plant Savers -- Organization dedicated to native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada.
Cherokee Messenger -- Native American herbal remedies.
Natural Health & Longevity Center
Web MD -- Includes a section on drug & herb cautions.
Ecology Action Center
Seed Savers (.org, US)
Seed Savers (.net, Australia)
Occidental Arts & Ecology Center
Alternative Farming Systems Information Center
Vegetable Information -- A unique resource on vegetables, their origin and characteristics.

Less Toxic Pest Management -- Garden & Household pest control alternatives.
Californians for Alternatives to Toxics -- Helping the environment through alternatives to toxic chemicals.
Know Your Insects -- A neat insect identifier from University of Nebraska-Lincoln

California Master Gardeners
Live Power Community Farm -- Stephen and Gloria Decatur's Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).
California Gardening Resources -- Including native plants, alternatives to pesticides, and other useful links.
Farmer's Almanac -- The original guide...
Donnie's Chemistry Page -- Great resource for distillation or other extraction techniques.

Organic Food Center

"If we continue with current farm methods (mechanization, chemical pesticides and fertilizers)
By 2014 we will be unable to feed 90% of the world's population"
John Jeavons

Commercial Companies:
Organic Heirloom Fruit Trees -- A wonderful resource in this day of homogenized commercial produce!
Bountiful Gardens -- From the creator of the biointensive method, John Jeavons!
Gardening by the Moon -- Calendars for planting.
GreenFire Organic & Hydroponic Supplies
Light Manu / Everybody's Garden Center -- Good source for making your own hydroponic nutrients.
Herbal Remedies
MountainRose Herbs
Garden Guides -- Herbal Remedies -- Nice herbal remedy guide.
Botanical -- An excellent all-around herbal & gardening reference as well as catalogue.
Horizon Herbs-- Strictly medicinal seeds, plants and roots.
WorldWise Garden Seeds

"Over the past 5 years the world has consumed more food than it has produced."
"With ~213,000 births a day, an additional 34,000 acres are required daily to feed the world."
"Current farming methods, including (most) certified organic, destroy 6-24lbs of soil for every pound of food produced."
"Biointensive methods can generate up to 20lbs of soil for every pound of food produced when practiced correctly."
John Jeavons

Reports & Papers:
A Hydroponic Garden Design, html format -- Low cost design, including formulas for mixing your own (chemical) nutrients.
A Hydroponic Garden Design, Adobe pdf format

What can we do? As a community or group of 10-20 individuals,
support one person to learn biointensive (soil building) methods full time
so that the knowledge and skill can be shared with the community at large
John Jeavons


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