GreenTransitions (Energy) Technology Resources

Organizations, Associations & Cooperatives:
Alternative Energy Institute
World Energy Council
Future Energies -- International environmentally conscious alternative energy & new technology resource.
SolarPACES -- International cooperative on optimizing and commercializing solar thermal technologies.
Solar Electric Power Association
American Wind Energy Association
American Hydrogen Association

The sun sheds enough energy on Earth in one minute to meet its energy needs for an entire year

All of the energy needs of the U.S. could be met
with a 100 square mile installation of photovoltaic panels in the Nevada desert
American Solar Energy Society

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Office -- US Department of Energy Office
Building Technologies -- DOE's Building Technologies Program
National Center for Photovoltaics
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Sandia National Laboratories, PV Section
California Solar Center
Florida Solar Energy Center
Southwest Technology Development Institute

Appliances that are switched off but still plugged in account for 5% of U.S. energy consumption and cost consumers $3 billion annually
[This is termed 'phantom loads' and includes wall AC to DC adapters]
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

China New Energy -- The Chinese are becoming a world power as world petroleum reserves are running out. This information resource site gives an indication that this country is well poised to be a superpower in the new energy technologies.
Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology -- Spain's Alternative Energy Program
Renewable Energy -- Australian Resource.

Swiss Association for Electric & Efficient Vehicles
EV World -- Good emerging technology resource for electric and other alternative-fuel vehicles.
Electric Drive Transportation Association
GreenerCars -- Resource for identifying the best vehicle for the environment.

Hydride & Hydrogen Technologies -- Group of organizations working with hydrogen and hydride technologies.
Aerogel Resource Page

Directory of State Incentives for Renewable Energy -- The incentives are getting better for installing alternative energy!
EcoWaters -- Center for Ecological Pollution Prevention (Wastewater management, etc.)
Million Solar Roofs -- DOE's Million Solar Roofs Initiative

Micro Hydro Power -- A place to find pretty much anything about micro hydro power!

Rocky Mountain Institute -- A diverse resource!
Solar Living Institute -- Good workshops towards alternative energy and sustainable living...
Clean Energy Network

Green Pages -- Global directory for environmental technology!

The possibility for a significant, high technology future
requires the springboard of a functioning, energy intensive society as we have today.
John Howe in The End of Fossil Energy (writing on the need to conserve petroleum today)

Commercial Companies:
BSR Solar -- Concentrators, Stirling engines, etc.
Capstone Micro Turbines
AAA Solar -- Including the Virtual Solar Engineer
Beacon Power -- Flywheel energy storage systems, future off-grid battery replacements?

Aerotecture -- intriguing (and aesthetically-pleasing) wind turbine design!

Changing World Technologies -- Changing our trash into oil, efficiently? Fantastic if true! (thermal depolymerization)

WorldWater -- Solar-based Water Pumping Technologies (NOT the same as WorldWater SA, Rick Davidge's company, ref. water bag notoriety).

Alliant Geothermal -- Using the earth to heat and cool.
Environmental Process Systems -- Provider of Phase Change Materials (PCMs).
Thermasorb PCM Materials
PCM Thermal Solutions

The energy it now takes to manufacture solar cells (the embedded energy)
is roughly one year's worth which means it takes less than one year's operation to offset energy used to manufacture of the panel.

VoltageVehicles -- Electric vehicle resource.
AC Propulsion -- Good resource for vehicle technology, including white papers.
Electric Auto / Apollo Energy Systems -- Alkaline fuel cell and associated technologies.
Beta Research & Development -- Home of the Zebra battery, one of the most promising battery technologies to-date.
Cloud Electric -- DC power systems for transportation & home.
Ev Parts -- Electric vehicle parts & accessories.
KTA Electric Vehicle Components
Heibao-EV -- Chinese electric vehicles and parts.
REVA-India -- Indian electric vehicles, The REVA!.
ZAP -- ZAP World, electric vehicles and 'toys'.
Electric Tractor -- Steve Hekeroth's electric tractor.

MoonCell -- Alternative energy streetlighting!
Natural Lighting

The Source for Renewable Energy -- Online buyer's guide and business directory.
SmartHome -- Resource for home automation.

Creative Energy Technologies
RealGoods / Gaiam

Reports, Papers & Do-it-Yourself:
What's Wrong with the Electric Grid? -- An analysis of the cause of the 8/2003 power grid failure.

From Oil Wells to Solar Cells -- Solar Primer.
A Tracking Solar Collector Design
NASA Solar Refractive Solar Concentrator -- Technologies for solar furnaces, smelters and kilns?
Solare Brucke -- The Scheffler Reflector, including heat storage methods.
Red Rock Energy -- Heliostats
Alternative Energy Projects -- including parabolic reflectors, composting toilet and various generators.
Parabola Calculator -- Parabolic designer for your own collectors!

SiliconSolar -- Parts to build your own custom PV panels.
Build Your Own Fuel Cells
Picoturbine -- Plans, books and kits on renewable energy.
Other Power -- Making your own alternative energy (wind, hydro, etc.)
Hugh Piggott's Wind Turbines -- Hugh Piggot's wind turbine site
Alton Moore's Wind Power - Building Wind Turbines

Methane Gas page -- Methane production & use.
Journey to Forever's BioFuels page -- BioFuels.
JTF -- ME's Waste Oil Heater -- p/o the alcohol fuel seminars.
Greasel -- Biodiesel kits.

Coolit -- A page on ABsorption and ADsorption cooling.
Free Home Air Conditioning
Thermal Storage of Solar Energy -- Includes discussion of Phase Change Materials (PCM) {pdf}
Phase Change Materials in Concrete Buildings {pdf}
Potential of PCM in Solar Storage {pdf}
PCMs for Short-term Thermal Storage in Buildings {pdf}

SunAngle Calculator
Solar PathFinder -- Must-have tool for solar site analysis.
Solar Energy Redbook -- The ultimate long-term data sourcebook & calculator.
Sun Power as an Energy Source -- A good paper on solar energy, including heating and cooling, by the UN's Food and Agriculture Group.
PVPower -- Technological and Historical Information on Photvoltaics.
The Unit of Luminous Intensity: Candela (cd) -- Confused over lighting specs (e.g. LEDs vs conventional)?

Solar Cooking Archives

California's Graywater guide {pdf format}
Urine Separation -- Swedish paper (in English) {pdf format}

Work Group on Development Technologies -- Good site on low-technology sustainable energy projects.

HobbySpace -- Good links page to battery, solar, fuel cell and other technologies & associated developments.
How Stuff Works -- A car that runs on air (and other neat stuff)?!

Home Power Magazine
BackWoods Publications

Onset Computer -- Inexpensive sensors & data loggers for the experimentalist.
MeasureAnything -- Measurement and monitoring devices.
Digikey -- Electronic component source
McMaster-Carr -- Mechanical component & industrial supply source
Small Parts, Inc. -- Hardware store for researchers and developers.
This to That -- Glue anything guide.
Integrated Publishing -- A vast resource of downloadable guides for the experimenter (use the search feature and look at "metals", etc.)
Surplus Center -- A diverse resource for the do-it-yourselfer


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